Dear Governor Dayton and DNR Commissioner Landwehr: The undersigned citizens, organizations, and elected officials hereby request that you order a contested case (evidentiary) hearing on the PolyMet Permit to Mine application currently before the DNR. As downstream communities (and supporters), we have a critical stake in the PolyMet decision. The proposed mine is in the watershed of Lake Superior, the cleanest of the Great Lakes and largest freshwater lake in the world. Lake Superior is a critical resource for Minnesota and Duluth, and we have a special responsibility for its health. As such we expect that the claims of both project proponents and opponents be subjected to the highest possible scrutiny. A contested case hearing, subjecting claims to cross examination and the review of a neutral arbiter, is necessary, timely, and a normal part of the process. We request that you order the hearing.

Elected Officials

Erik Simonson, State Senator District 7

Liz Olson, State Representative District 7B

Jen Schultz, State Representative District 7A

Rebecca otto, state auditor

Gary Anderson, Duluth City Council 1st district

Joel Sipress, Duluth City Council 2nd District

Em Westerlund, Duluth City Council 3rd District

Barb Russ, Duluth City Council At Large

zack filipovich, Duluth City Council at Large 

Jenny Van Sickle, Superior City Council 2nd district

Duane Buytaert, Cloquet School Board

Miles Woodruff, Two Harbors City Councilor

Cam Gordon, Minneapolis City Council

Alice Hausman, State Representative District 66A

Chris Eaton, State Senator District 40

David Bly, State Representative, District 20B

Sandy Pappas, State Senator District 65

Steve Cwodzinski, State Senator District 48

Jean Wagenius, State Representative District 63b

Carolyn Laine, State Senator District 41




Tina Liebling minnesota governor

rebecca otto minnesota governor

Rich Updegrove Duluth city council at large

Janet Kennedy Duluth city council at large

Barb Russ Duluth city council at large

Joel Sipress Duluth city council 2nd district

Tom Furman duluth city council 4th district

Renee Van Nett duluth city council 4th district

zack filipovich, Duluth City Council at Large



Duluth for Clean Water

Adeline Inc

Farms Not Factories

Friends of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

Friends of the Cloquet Valley State Forest

Grandmothers for PeacE Northland Chapter

Honor the Earth

Isaac Walton League, Duluth Chapter

League of Women Voters Duluth

Minnesota center for environmental advocacy

Mountains and Waters Alliance

North Metro Indivisible

Northern Water Alliance

Northwoods 350


Our Revolution duluth

Sawbill canoe outfitters

St. Louis River Alliance

Twin Ports Democratic Socialists of America

Water Legacy

Wright County Indivisible



  1. Amy Acker, Minneapolis, MN

  2. Shonda Adams, Ann Arbor, MI

  3. Rob Adams, Duluth, MN

  4. Heidi Affi, Duluth, MN

  5. Jeff Agaton howed, Cloquet, MN

  6. Clinton Aker, Superior, WI

  7. Margaret Akhavan, Minneapolis, MN

  8. Megan Alama, Duluth, MN

  9. Joy Albrecht, Duluth, MN

  10. James Allen, Duluth, MN

  11. Jim Allen, Duluth, MN

  12. Dominique Allen, Zim, MN

  13. Debbie Allert, Knife River, MN

  14. Eric Ament, Duluth, MN

  15. Ben Amiot, Duluth, MN

  16. Beret Amundson, Duluth, MN

  17. Chris Anderson, Bemidji, MN

  18. Mary Anderson, Duluth, MN

  19. SueF Anderson, Duluth, MN

  20. Gary Anderson, Duluth, MN

  21. Lesli Anderson, Minneapolis, MN

  22. Kristi Anderson, N/A, MN

  23. michelle anderson, Two Harbors, MN

  24. Lori Anderson, Coon Rapids, MN

  25. Phil Anderson, Brule , WI

  26. Lacrestia Anderson, Dresser, WI

  27. Tanya Anderson, Superior, WI

  28. Heather Andrys, Duluth, MN

  29. DyAnn Andybur, Duluth, MN

  30. Yasmina Antcliff, Duluth, MN

  31. angie Arden, Duluth, MN

  32. Nikki ASHENDORF, Muskegon, MN

  33. MARY AUCHTER, Duluth, MN

  34. Shana Aue, N/A, N/A

  35. Kirsten Aunr, Duluth, MN

  36. Thomas B, Duluth, MN

  37. Mysti Babineau, White bear lake, MN

  38. John Badger, Cloquet, MN

  39. Shad Baggenstoss, Duluth, MN

  40. Victoria Baker, Duluth, MN

  41. Richard Ball, Duluth, MN

  42. Elena Bantle, Saginaw, MN

  43. Peter Barnett, Two Harbors, MN

  44. Karen Barschdorf, Superior, WI

  45. Erik Barsness, Duluth, MN

  46. Elizabeth Bartlett, Duluth, MN

  47. Julie Bates, Duluth, MN

  48. Sam Bauer, Duluth, MN

  49. Carol Beach, Duluth, MN

  50. Joan Beaver, Stillwater, MN

  51. Pat Becchetti, Stillwater, MN

  52. Lily Beckwell, Superior, WI

  53. Aga Bednarz, Duluth, MN

  54. Chanda Benjamin, Pine City, MN

  55. Jamie Bennett, Duluth, MN

  56. Ron Benson, Duluth, MN

  57. Libby Bent, Duluth, MN

  58. Anne Bent, Duluth, MN

  59. David Berggren, Duluth, MN

  60. Irv Berlin, Cable, MN

  61. Jan Berlin, Cable, MN

  62. M. Beverly Berntson, Duluth, MN

  63. Tom Betts, Duluth, MN

  64. Jerne Billiet, Duluth, MN

  65. Nicole Birch, Duluth, MN

  66. Laura Birnbaum, Duluth, MN

  67. Rebecca Bischoff, Duluth, MN

  68. Anne Bisgaard, Stillwater, MN

  69. James Bishop, Spooner, MN

  70. Pamela Bjorklund, Duluth, MN

  71. Linda Bjorklund, Prescott , WI

  72. Leslie Black, Superior, WI

  73. Jessica Blechner, Brainerd, MN

  74. Jesse Bleichner, Duluth, MN

  75. Heather-Marie Bloom, Cromwell, MN

  76. Britta Bloomquist, Duluth, Mn

  77. David Bly, Northfield, MN

  78. Gary Boelhower, Duluth, MN

  79. Greg Boertje, Duluth, MN

  80. scot bol, Duluth, MN

  81. Stephanie Bollum, Duluth, MN

  82. Joan Bolluyt, Twin Valley, MN

  83. Sheryl Boman, Duluth, MN

  84. Mary Bombardier, Tower, MN

  85. Eric Bong, Duluth, MN

  86. Bryan Bongey, Duluth, MN

  87. Steven Bonkoski, Duluth, MN

  88. Susan Boorsma, Duluth, MN

  89. Anna Bosch, Brainerd, MN

  90. Kay Boucher, Duluth, MN

  91. Carol Boudl, Duluth, MN

  92. Shawn Bourgeois, Duluth, MN

  93. Kenne Bowers, Duluth, MN

  94. David Bowman, Minneapolis, MN

  95. Alice Bowron, Crystal, MN

  96. Lisa Brennan, Minneapolis, MN

  97. Jane Brenny, Duluth, MN

  98. Alan Brew, Ashland, WI

  99. Jodi Broadwell, Duluth, MN

  100. Carolyn Brooks, Duluth, MN

  101. Elizabeth Brophy, Duluth, MN

  102. Ellen Brown, Duluth, mn

  103. Emily Brown, Ely, MN

  104. John Bruch, Grand Marais, MN

  105. Echo Brueberg, Duluth, MN

  106. Alison Brueggemann, St. Paul, MN

  107. Gloria Brush, Duluth, MN

  108. Elizabeth Buchanan, Duluth, MN

  109. Sally Bujold, Cook, MN

  110. Kathleen Burghardi, Minneapolis, MN

  111. Mathew Burich, Duluth, MN

  112. Mat Burich, Duluth, MN

  113. Jane Burnes Leverenz, Hinckley, MN

  114. Carol Burns, Duluth, MN

  115. Ann Burns, Monticello, MN

  116. Stephen Burris, Duluth, MN

  117. Lauren Burton, Knife River, MN

  118. Tyler Burzynski, Duluth, MN

  119. Jennifer Buseman, Duluth, MN

  120. Curtis Bush, Cotton, MN

  121. Alana Butler, Duluth, MN

  122. Matthew Butler, Ely, MN

  123. Katy Buytaert, Cloquet, MN

  124. Duane Buytaert, Cloquet, MN

  125. Ben Caine, Duluth, MN

  126. Shawn Callahan, Biwabik, MN

  127. Serenity Campbell, Duluth, MN

  128. ChristopherS CaneJR, Duluth, MN

  129. xaiver Cantell, Pembina , ND

  130. Carol Caouette, Stillwater, MN

  131. Katja Cappetta, Minneapolis, MN

  132. Joshua Capps, Grand Marais, MN

  133. Jessica Carlson, Duluth, MN

  134. Dave Carlson, Ft. Ripley, MN

  135. Shawn Carr, Duluth, MN

  136. Marlene Case, Foxboro, WI

  137. Jon Ceder, Long lake, MN

  138. Fran Ceder, Long lake, MN

  139. Lynnda Cesar, Maplewood, MN

  140. Ann Choate, Duluth, MN

  141. Rebecca Christian, Cloquet, MN

  142. Edna Ciurleo, Duluth, MN

  143. Tracie Clanaugh, Duluth, MN

  144. Samantha Clarke, Crystal, MN

  145. Zac Cline, Duluth, MN

  146. Amara Cline, Duluth, MN

  147. Rachel Colber, Ely, MN

  148. Alex Comb, Knife River, MN

  149. Ashley Compton, Duluth, MN

  150. James Conniff, Duluth, MN

  151. Michael Connolly, Duluth, MN

  152. April Conwell, Duluth, MN

  153. Morgan Cook, Duluth, MN

  154. Carol Cooley, Saint Cloud, MN

  155. Sharon Coombs, Shoreview, MN

  156. Carly Coulson, Duluth, MN

  157. Elise Courtright, Duluth, MN

  158. Mary Cowen, Saginaw, MN

  159. Rodger Cragun, Duluth, MN

  160. Penny Cragun, Duluth, MN

  161. David Craig, Maple Grove, MN

  162. Diane Crater, Afton, MN

  163. Sherry Crayne, Minneapolis, MN

  164. Lily Cregan, St. Paul, MN

  165. Elizabeth Cregan, St. Paul , MN

  166. Mary Creighton, Virginia, MN

  167. Andrea Crouse, Duluth, MN

  168. Christy Cupppy, Duluth, MN

  169. Abe Curran, Duluth, MN

  170. Steve Cwodzinski, Eden Prairie, MN

  171. Susan Dailey, Duluth, MN

  172. Cheryl Dannenbring, Duluth, MN

  173. Joan Dark, Hudson, WI

  174. Sophie Daugherty, Duluth, MN

  175. Roberta Davenport, Duluth, MN

  176. Melody David-McKnight, Duluth, MN

  177. Suzanne Davies, Lutsen, MN

  178. Mary DeCarlo, Stillwater, MN

  179. Kraig Decker, Duluth, MN

  180. Samantha Dehnke-Turpin, Shakopee, MN

  181. Jim DeLanghe, Hermantown, MN

  182. Hadrian DeMaioribus, Duluth, MN

  183. Nick DeMaioribus, Duluth, MN

  184. Carmel DeMaioribus, Duluth, MN

  185. Susan Dergantz, Anoka, MN

  186. Jean DeRider, Duluth, MN

  187. Justin DeRusha, Blaine, MN

  188. Dallas Desrosiers, Minneapolis, MN

  189. Audrey Devine Eller, Duluth, MN

  190. Sara Dhuse, Duluth, MN

  191. Diane Dinndorf Friebe, Two Harbors, MN

  192. Theresa Diver, Cloquet, MN

  193. Charlin Diver, Cloquet, MN

  194. Dorothea Diver, Duluth, MN

  195. Jill Doberstein, Duluth, MN

  196. Ann Doberstein, Duluth, MN

  197. John Doberstein, Duluth, MN

  198. Tristan Dobie, Grand Rapids, MN

  199. Barb Dobson, Tower, MN

  200. Rebecca Domagala, Duluth, MN

  201. Piper Donlin, Duluth, MN

  202. Mary Dougherty, Bayfield, WI

  203. judi Dowell, Minneapolis, MN

  204. Michael Dragsten, Duluth, MN

  205. Christa Drake, Cloquet, MN

  206. Janet Draper, Duluth, MN

  207. pat dunlap, Cloquet, MN

  208. Jeff Durfee, Duluth, MN

  209. Joette Durfee, Duluth, MN

  210. Evan Dyce, Rochester, MN

  211. Chris Eaton, Brooklyn Center, MN

  212. Alex Ebens, Duluth, MN

  213. Bethany Ebert, Duluth, MN

  214. Sara Eder, Duluth, MN

  215. Valarie Edinger, Duluth, MN

  216. Jennifer Edinger, Minneapolis, MN

  217. Kris Eilers, Duluth, MN

  218. Kristi Eilers, Duluth, MN

  219. Brent Elling, Duluth, MN

  220. Cyn Ellingson, Minneapolis, MN

  221. Doug Ellingson, Minneapolis, MN

  222. Cecilia Elliott, Chatfield, MN

  223. NICK ELTGROTH, Grand Rapids, MN

  224. Dave Enyart, Brook Park, MN

  225. Deanna Erickson, Duluth, MN

  226. Kaitlin Erpestad, Duluth, MN

  227. Aaron Estness, Cloquet, MN

  228. Jackie Falk, Duluth, MN

  229. Samuel Farmer-Lies, Duluth, MN

  230. Pat Farrell, Duluth, MN

  231. Margaret Fawcett, Duluth, MN

  232. Ryan Feldbrugge, Duluth, MN

  233. Cynthia Fetzer, Andover, MN

  234. Zack Filipovich, Duluth, MN

  235. Lydia Firey, Duluth, MN

  236. Martha Firling, Duluth, MN

  237. Conrad Firling, Duluth, MN

  238. Darci Fischer, Waite Park, MN

  239. Pam Fischer, Green Bay, WI

  240. Lisa Fitzpatrick, Duluth, MN

  241. Dennis FitzPatrick, Grand Marais, MN

  242. Diana Fitzpatrick, Lake Crystal, MN

  243. Sarah Flicek, Delano, MN

  244. Irene Folstrom, Duluth, MN

  245. Corey Ford, Duluth, MN

  246. Elena Foshay, St. Paul, MN

  247. Thalia Foss, Cloquet, MN

  248. Thomas Foucault, Proctor, MN

  249. Cheryl Fox, Duluth, MN

  250. Jill Fox, Eden Prairie, MN

  251. Ted France, Duluth, MN

  252. Sean Franzen, Duluth, MN

  253. Thomas Frazier, St. Paul, MN

  254. Sarah Frederick, Minneapolis, MN

  255. Bryan French, Duluth, MN

  256. Jeffrey Frush, Minneapolis, MN

  257. Mary Frush, Minneapolis, MN

  258. Elizabeth Fryberger, Duluth, MN

  259. Abby Furman, Duluth, MN

  260. Thomas Furman, Duluth, MN

  261. Jodi Furman, Duluth, MN

  262. Larry Furo, Duluth, MN

  263. Lindsay Furtak, Duluth, MN

  264. Angela Gaare, Minneapolis, MN

  265. Michael Gabler, Duluth, MN

  266. Paula Gabriel, Duluth, MN

  267. Mae Gackstetter, Duluth, MN

  268. Greg Gailen, Grand Marais, MN

  269. Jami Gaither, Shevlin, MN

  270. Dan Gaither, Shevlin, MN

  271. Gina Gallagher, Duluth, MN

  272. Laura Gapske, Superior, WI

  273. Sharla Gardner, Duluth, MN

  274. Kenneth Garland, Duluth, MN

  275. Jennifer Garland, Duluth, MN

  276. Ben Garland, Duluth, MN

  277. Melissa Garza, Duluth, MN

  278. Chris Gaspard, Golden Valley, MN

  279. Geoffrey Gates, Duluth, MN

  280. Kathleen Gates, Lake City , MN

  281. Laura Gauger, Duluth, MN

  282. kerry gauthier, Duluth, MN

  283. Susan Geissler, Duluth, MN

  284. Andrea Gelb, Duluth, MN

  285. Susan George, Minneapolis, MN

  286. Martha Gerkey, Stillwater, MN

  287. John Gilbert, Duluth, MN

  288. Joan Gilbert, Duluth, MN

  289. Anita Gille, Duluth, MN

  290. Diana Gillespie, San Francisco, CA

  291. thomas gilliam, Duluth, MN

  292. Gail Gilliland, Duluth, MN

  293. Foster Gilliland, Duluth, MN

  294. James Gilmore, Duluth, MN

  295. Scot Gison, Bovey, MN

  296. Judy Gitar, Duluth, MN

  297. Linda Glaser, Duluth, MN

  298. Connor Glenn, Duluth, MN

  299. Sarah Glesner, Duluth, MN

  300. Elisabeth Gliddon, Anoka, MN

  301. Mariana Glitsos, Duluth, MN

  302. Amber Godden, Duluth, MN

  303. Sharon Goettl, Nicollet, MN

  304. Jamie Goettl, Two Harbors, MN

  305. Crystal Goldman, Duluth, MN

  306. Mark Good, Grand Marais, MN

  307. Caree Gordon, Duluth, MN

  308. Cam Gordon, Minneapolis, MN

  309. Roxanne Gould, Duluth, MN

  310. Nora Goustin, Minneapolis, MN

  311. Nicole Grace, Duluth, MN

  312. Jesse Grebenc, Cook, MN

  313. Katie Green, Duluth, MN

  314. J Greene, New Ulm, MN

  315. Peter Greenlee, Saginaw, MN

  316. Pete Greenley, Duluth, MN

  317. Jeff Greensmith, Duluth, MN

  318. Lee Gresback, Duluth, MN

  319. Gail Groteboer, Kasson, MN

  320. Micki Grover, Duluth, MN

  321. Toni Grow, Duluth, MN

  322. Robette Guck, Duluth, MN

  323. Alyson Gullette, Andover, MN

  324. Brent Gurtek, Duluth Township, MN

  325. Dalyce Gustafson, Duluth, MN

  326. david gustafson, Duluth, MN

  327. Jennifer Gutowski, Duluth, MN

  328. Drew Guttormson, Duluth, MN

  329. Lacy Habdas, Duluth, MN

  330. Jo Haberman, Duluth, MN

  331. Ellen Hadley, Anoka, MN

  332. JT Haines, Duluth, MN

  333. Thomas Haines, Eden Prairie, MN

  334. Diane Haines, Eden Prairie, MN

  335. Teresa Halmonen, Minneapolis, MN

  336. Jnana Hand, Duluth, MN

  337. Sherman Handberg, Duluth, MN

  338. Karen Hanson, Duluth, MN

  339. John Harrington, Stacy, MN

  340. Dylan Harris, Duluth, MN

  341. Scott Hart, Duluth, MN

  342. Mike Hartley, Duluth, MN

  343. James Harvie, Duluth, MN

  344. Nancy Hassett, Big Lake, MN

  345. Erik Hatlestad, New London, MN

  346. Don Haugen, Duluth, MN

  347. Kristie Haugen, Duluth, MN

  348. Connie Haugen, Esko, MN

  349. Christina Hausman, Minneapolis, MN

  350. Alice Hausman, St.Paul, MN

  351. Noreen Hautala, Grand Rapids, MN

  352. Susan Hawkinson, Duluth, MN

  353. Frank Hawthorne, Petoskey, MI

  354. Dottie Hawthorne, Petosky, MI

  355. Kari Hedin, Duluth, MN

  356. Susan Hedtke, Monticello, MN

  357. Jocelyn Heid, Duluth, MN

  358. Steve Heinrich, Duluth, MN

  359. Clay Helberg, Duluth, MN

  360. Henry Helgen, Duluth, MN

  361. Kassie Helgerson, Duluth, MN

  362. Paula Hemer, Stillwater, MN

  363. Gerry Henkel, Duluth Township, MN

  364. Jes Henkes, Duluth, MN

  365. Kathy Hermes, Duluth, MN

  366. Allison Herrick, Duluth, MN

  367. Norm Herron, Duluth, MN

  368. Norman Herron, Duluth, MN

  369. Linda Herron, Duluth, MN

  370. Lisa Herthel, Duluth, MN

  371. Gail Higgins, Duluth, MN

  372. Tina Higgins Wussow, Duluth, MN

  373. Warren High, Duluth, MN

  374. Kyle Hill, Duluth, MN

  375. Shawn Hill, Ely, MN

  376. Lori Hilton, Duluth, MN

  377. Matt Hinnenkamp, Duluth, MN

  378. julie Hoecherl, Minneapolis, MN

  379. Traci Hoeltke, Manitowoc, WI

  380. Gregg Hoffman, Duluth, MN

  381. Victoria Hofmeister, Duluth, MN

  382. Bridget Holcomb, Duluth, MN

  383. Elizabeth Holcomb, Saginaw, MN

  384. john holcomb, Saginaw, MN

  385. Nicole Holden, Duluth, MN

  386. Bruce Holmen, Duluth, MN

  387. Nathan Holst, Duluth, MN

  388. Becky Holum-Brytowski, Ely, MN

  389. Nancy Hone, St. Paul, MN

  390. Julia Horn, Duluth, MN

  391. Seth Hovland, Duluth, MN

  392. Warren Howe, Duluth, MN

  393. Thomas Howes, Duluth, MN

  394. Amanda Hunter, Duluth, MN

  395. Kathryn Hyde, Esko, MN

  396. Emily Hysjulien, Duluth, MN

  397. Jason Ideker, Duluth, MN

  398. Maria Isley, Duluth, MN

  399. Elizabeth Jaakola, Cloquet, MN

  400. Hunter Jaakola, Cloquet, MN

  401. Lyz Jaakola, Cloquet, MN

  402. Sally Jackson, Duluth, MN

  403. Thomas Jackson, Duluth, MN

  404. Dana Jackson, Stillwater, MN

  405. Melanie Jacobs, Center City, MN

  406. Daniel Jandl, Duluth, MN

  407. Mike Jaros, Duluth, MN

  408. William Jaskowiak, Eau Claire, WI

  409. Anne Jasperson, Knife River, MN

  410. Zach Johns, Hibbing, MN

  411. Ty Johnson, Carlton, MN

  412. Mark Johnson, Duluth, MN

  413. Debra Johnson, Duluth, MN

  414. Katie Johnson, Duluth, MN

  415. Bruce Johnson, Duluth, MN

  416. Ann Johnson, Duluth, MN

  417. Liz Johnson, Duluth, MN

  418. Theodore Johnson, Duluth, MN

  419. Jo Johnson, Duluth, MN

  420. stephanie johnson, Grand Marais, MN

  421. Forrest Johnson, Knife River, MN

  422. MaryAlice Johnson, Minneapolis, MN

  423. Larry Johnson, Two Harbors, MN

  424. Amanda Johnson, Two Harbors, MN

  425. Jeff Jokela, Ely, MN

  426. Linda Jorgenson, Washburn, WI

  427. Molly Josefson, Duluth, MN

  428. Olivia Juel, Duluth, MN

  429. Ginger Juel, Duluth, MN

  430. Christine Juel, Superior, WI

  431. Dave Juergens, Kansas City, MO

  432. Lindsey Jungman, Duluth, MN

  433. Brian Jungman, Duluth, MN

  434. Rebecca Kallio, Aitkin, MN

  435. Lea Kanani, Duluth, MN

  436. Lori Kangas Olson, Bovey, MN

  437. Jan Karon, Duluth, MN

  438. Carey Kasapidis, Duluth, MN

  439. Elizabeth Kassekert, Northern , MN

  440. Rachel Kaul, Afton, MN

  441. Div Kaushik, Los Angeles, CA

  442. Kimberly Keelor, Duluth, MN

  443. Cindy Kehus, Duluth, MN

  444. Glenn Kellahan, Duluth, MN

  445. Judy Kelley, Cloquet, MN

  446. Lori Kelley, Cloquet, MN

  447. Loni Kemp, Canton, MN

  448. Ava Kempton, Minneapolis, MN

  449. carol Kenschaft, Grand Rapids, MN

  450. C. Jean Kilgour, Duluth, MN

  451. Faith King, Duluth, MN

  452. Marie-Claire Kirch, Duluth, MN

  453. Tonia Kittelson, Duluth, MN

  454. Kim Kittilson, Silver Bay, MN

  455. Carol Kivi, Duluth, MN

  456. Molly Klassen, Duluth, MN

  457. Deborah Kleese, Ely, MN

  458. Aaron Klemz, Fridley, MN

  459. Bernadette Knaeble, Minneapolis, MN

  460. Morgan Kohler, Duluth, MN

  461. Catherine Kohlmeier, Duluth, MN

  462. Robert Kohlmeier, Hermantown, MN

  463. Gary G. Kohls, Duluth, MN

  464. Quinn Kolb, Apple Valley, MN

  465. Jennifer Kolstad, Zimmerman, MN

  466. Michael Koppy, Hermantown, MN

  467. Kevin Korzenowski, Duluth, MN

  468. Jane Koschak, Stony River Township, MN

  469. Steve Koschak, Stony River Township, MN

  470. Robert Kosuth, Duluth, MN

  471. Jim Kotz, Rosemount, MN

  472. Valerie Kozlovsky, Maple, WI

  473. Alicia Kozlowski Cyr, Duluth, MN

  474. Lucas Kramee, Duluth, MN

  475. Nyssa Krause, Duluth, MN

  476. Peter Krause, Duluth, MN

  477. Christina Krauz, Grand Marais, MN

  478. Katie Krikorian, Duluth, MN

  479. Diane Kruger, Superior, WI

  480. John Krumm, Duluth, MN

  481. Mark Kruse, Duluth, MN

  482. Mark-John Kruse, Duluth, MN

  483. Kurt Kuehn, Duluth, MN

  484. Mike Kuitu, Duluth, MN

  485. Dan La Vigne, Shoreview, MN

  486. Nancy LaChance, Duluth, MN

  487. Lee Anne Lack, Montrose, MN

  488. Joan Lafontaine, Duluth, MN

  489. Senator Carolyn Laine, Columbia Heights, MN

  490. Jill Lakhan, Duluth, MN

  491. Tim LaMaster, Duluth, MN

  492. Sheila Lamb, Cloquet, MN

  493. Sebastian Lambeert, Berlin, Germany

  494. Ryan Lamont, Austin, MN

  495. Debra Lapinski, Robbinsdale, MN

  496. Ashley LaPlante, Duluth, MN

  497. Cynthia Lapp, Duluth, MN

  498. Lisa Larson, Duluth, MN

  499. Rachel Larson, Duluth, MN

  500. Contessa Larson, Rochester, MN

  501. Sarah Lawrence, Duluth, MN

  502. Linnea Lebens, Superior, WI

  503. Mark Lehigh, Duluth, MN

  504. Connie Lehr, Lutsen, MN

  505. Rebecca Lehto, Lutsen, MN

  506. Micca Leider, Shorewood, MN

  507. Kay Leon, Two Harbors, MN

  508. Robert Leonard, Duluth, MN

  509. Emily Levang, Minneapolis, MN

  510. Olivia Levitt, Cloquet, MN

  511. Nancy Lewis, Duluth, MN

  512. Annie Lexen, Turtle Lake, WI

  513. Justina Lieberg, Reedsburg, WI

  514. Tina Liebling, Rochester, MN

  515. Herbert Lieffring, Grand Rapids, MN

  516. William Lincoln, Creswell, WI

  517. Sheryl Lind, Duluth, MN

  518. Machelle Lind, Duluth, MN

  519. Elise Lindell, Minneapolis, MN

  520. Kathryn Lindquist, Ramsey, MN

  521. Dave Litsenberger, Ely, MN

  522. Tony Little, Aurora, MN

  523. Stacey Loberg, Duluth, MN

  524. Pat Lockyear, Stillwater, MN

  525. allen loken, Duluth, MN

  526. Tessa Losh, Duluth, MN

  527. Emily Louise Dockendorf, Duluth, MN

  528. Steph Love, Duluth, MN

  529. Tasha Love, St. Paul, MN

  530. Carol Lovegren, Monticello, MN

  531. Gail Loverud, Ham Lake, MN

  532. jim low, herbster, WI

  533. Dale Lucas, Duluth, MN

  534. John Ludwig, Superior, WI

  535. tim luedtke, Duluth, MN

  536. Dakota Luk, Duluth, MN

  537. Gregory Luke, Duluth, MN

  538. Patti Luke, Duluth, MN

  539. Greg Luke, Duluth, MN

  540. Cedar Luke, Duluth, MN

  541. Danielle Lundeen, Cloquet, MN

  542. Lisa Luokkala, Duluth, MN

  543. Ingrid Lyons, Ely, MN

  544. Skylar Lysaker, Two Harbors, MN

  545. Phil Lysdahl, Nowthen, MN

  546. Sean Mac Manus, Duluth, MN

  547. Chris Macdonald, Superior, WI

  548. Samantha Madsen, Duluth, MN

  549. Janet Magree, Duluth, MN

  550. Bella Maki, Duluth, MN

  551. Nicole Maki, Duluth, MN

  552. Jennifer Maki, Duluth, MN

  553. Michael Maleska, Hibbing, MN

  554. Brian Malloy, Minneapolis, MN

  555. Kevin Malmquist, Duluth, MN

  556. Brian Mann, Oak Grove, MN

  557. Allison Marie, Duluth, MN

  558. Jennifer Marksteiner, Duluth, MN

  559. Chris Marshall, Duluth, MN

  560. Julie Martin, Bovey, MN

  561. Ann Martin. Martin, Stillwater, MN

  562. Taylor Martin-Romme, Duluth, MN

  563. Jennifer Martin-Romme, Duluth, MN

  564. Brenda Martini, Cloquet, MN

  565. Bridgit Maruska, Duluth, MN

  566. DEBRA MASTERS, Shoreview, MN

  567. Marilyn Matheny, Park Rapids, MN

  568. Shannon May, Duluth, MN

  569. Sheila Maybanks, Stillwater, MN

  570. Lance Mayberry, Duluth, MN

  571. Michael Mayou, Duluth, MN

  572. M. Mayry, Duluth, MN

  573. Terry McCarthy, Duluth, MN

  574. Wendy McClure, Duluth, MN

  575. Harmony McCullough, Duluth, MN

  576. Jennifer McEwen, Duluth, MN

  577. Micky McGilligan, Two Harbors, MN

  578. clairlynn mcguigan, pine river, MN

  579. Adele McHenry-Koenen, Chardon, OH

  580. Jayme McKenna, Duluth, MN

  581. Kathryn McKenzie, Superior, WI

  582. Andy McKibben, Ely, MN

  583. Stacey McKnight, Rochester, MN

  584. Richard McKnight, Rochester, MN

  585. Patricia McNulty, Duluth, MN

  586. Trinke McNurlin, Spooner, MN

  587. Kathleen McQuillan, Cook, MN

  588. Ian McShane, Duluth, MN

  589. Kathy McTavish, Duluth, MN

  590. Scott Mead, Duluth, MN

  591. Francois Medion, Duluth, MN

  592. Jeanne Mehlhop, Laporte, MN

  593. joan meierotto, Afton, MN

  594. Angela Mejia, Duluth, MN

  595. F. Mary Melander, Duluth, MN

  596. Timothy Melby, Duluth, MN

  597. Patricia Melich, Afton, MN

  598. Joanna Menchaca, Duluth, MN

  599. Jessica Mendez Jeffers, Moose Lake , MN

  600. Cruz Mendoza, Duluth, MN

  601. Nadine Meyer, Silver Bay, MN

  602. Carol Michealson, Duluth, MN

  603. Samantha Midbon, Superior, WI

  604. Terence Miles, Isle, MN

  605. Gina Miller, Duluth, MN

  606. Ann Miller, Duluth, MN

  607. Angie MIller, Duluth, MN

  608. Kate Miller, Superior, WI

  609. Jennifer Misquadace, Cloquet, MN

  610. Abigail Mlinar, Duluth, MN

  611. Casey Modich, Cloquet, MN

  612. Frank Moe, Hovland, MN

  613. Garner Moffat, Duluth, MN

  614. MaryBeth Mohr, Walker, MN

  615. Brandon Monson, Duluth, MN

  616. Leah Monson, Duluth, MN

  617. Craig Moody, Minnetrista, MN

  618. Charles, Duluth, MN

  619. Diana Gillespie, Duluth, MN

  620. Henry Moore, Duluth, MN

  621. Hal Moore, Duuth, MN

  622. Lucas Morcomb, Duluth, MN

  623. Thomas Morgan, Duluth, MN

  624. Matthew Morgan, Duluth, MN

  625. Julie Morgan, Duluth, MN

  626. Claudia Morgan, Stillwater, MN

  627. Meghan Morrow, Duluth, MN

  628. Toni Morse, Duluth, MN

  629. Shawna Mullen, Duluth, MN

  630. Alan Muller, Red Wing, MN

  631. Dawn Muncy, Duluth, MN

  632. Sally Munger, Duluth, MN

  633. Amanda Murray, Duluth, MN

  634. PatriceNo Mushlin, Hartland, MN

  635. Jessie, Duluth, MN

  636. Aaron, Duluth, MN

  637. Joan , Stillwater, MN

  638. Michele Naar-Obed, duluth, MN

  639. Pamela Nault, Duluth, MN

  640. Janelle Neal, Roberts, WI

  641. Dan Neff, Duluth, MN

  642. Ardis Nelson, Annandale, MN

  643. Barbara Nelson, Duluth, MN

  644. Alyssa Nelson, Duluth, MN

  645. Mollie Nelson, Duluth, MN

  646. Nancy Nelson, Duluth, MN

  647. Judy Nelson, Esko, MN

  648. Rachel Nelson, Two Harbors, MN

  649. Nathan Nesgoda, Duluth, MN

  650. Barbara Neubert, St paul, MN

  651. Kam Newby, Anderson, WI

  652. Mary-Bernadette Newcomb, Duluth, MN

  653. Carole Newkumet, Duluth, MN

  654. Ina Newton, Duluth, MN

  655. Ginger Newton, Minneapolis, MN

  656. William Nicholas, Duluth, MN

  657. William Nichols, Duluth, MN

  658. Lesley Nielsen, Duluth, MN

  659. Ryan Nilo, St. Paul, MN

  660. Debors Nivotny, Duluth, MN

  661. Christina Nohre, Knife River, MN

  662. Jane Nolan, Aitkin, MN

  663. Angie Nolle, Duluth, MN

  664. Susan Nordin, Duluth, MN

  665. Korey Northrup, Fond du Lac Reservation, MN

  666. Emily Norton, Duluth, MN

  667. Shirley Norwood, Riverside , CA

  668. Cole Nubson, Duluth, MN

  669. Susan Nygaard, Duluth, MN

  670. Emily Nygren, Duluth, MN

  671. Patty O'Keefe, Minneapolis, MN

  672. Kristie O'Neill, Duluth, MN

  673. Ellen O'Neill, Duluth Township, MN

  674. Madonna Ohse, Duluth, MN

  675. Heidi Ojibway, Cloquet, MN


  677. Liz Olson, Duluth, MN

  678. Gary Olson, Duluth, MN

  679. Lynn Olund, Duluth, MN

  680. Connor OMalley, Bemidji, MN

  681. Connie Omdahl, Warren, MN

  682. Nenette Onstad, Two Harbors, MN

  683. Roy Orr, Duluth, MN

  684. Wayne Ortloff, Duluth, MN

  685. nancy oswald, St Paul, MN

  686. Susan Oswood, Barnum, MN

  687. Rebecca Otto, Marine, MN

  688. Cara Overland, Duluth, MN

  689. Mary Overland, Duluth, MN

  690. Sheila Packa, Duluth, MN

  691. Lisa Palmer, Superior, WI

  692. Sandra Pappas, St paul, MN

  693. Lacey Parr, Duluth, MN

  694. Derrick Passe, Two Harbors, MN

  695. VictorJohn Path, Duluth, MN

  696. Levar Patterson, Duluth, MN

  697. Andrew Pearson, Minneapolis, MN

  698. Corwin Pederson, Duluth, MN

  699. Lynn Pegg, Duluth, MN

  700. John Pegg, Duluth, MN

  701. Bret Pence, Duluth, MN

  702. Janice Penn, Highbridge, WI

  703. Dawn Perra, Andover, MN

  704. cay peterson, Brainerd, MN

  705. Jesse Peterson, Duluth, MN

  706. Jessica Peterson, Duluth, MN

  707. Kent Peterson, Duluth, MN

  708. Carl Peterson, Duluth, MN

  709. Kathy Peterson, Duluth, MN

  710. Clarice Peterson, Superior, WI

  711. Aaron Peterson, Superior, WI

  712. Paul Peterson, Superior, WI

  713. Howard Pierce, QLD, Australia

  714. Peter Pierce, Duluth, MN

  715. Candice Pierce, Hermantown, MN

  716. Alice pierce, Hermantown, MN

  717. Debbie Pierce, Minneapolis, MN

  718. Chad Pierson, Duluth, MN

  719. Morgan Pirsig, Duluth, MN

  720. Abbie Plouff, Duluth, MN

  721. Terri Poe, Anoka, MN

  722. Patty Polasky, Hermantown, MN

  723. Linda Porten, Grand Rapids, MN

  724. Catherine Posch, Duluth, MN

  725. Warren Post, Duluth, MN

  726. Daniel Post, Buffalo , NY

  727. Justin Powers, Duluth, MN

  728. Walter Prentice, Duluth, MN

  729. Therese Presley, Duluth, MN

  730. margi preus, Duluth, MN

  731. Michael Pruden, Duluth, MN

  732. Nicole Pulcino, Albany, NY

  733. Sam Quackenbush, Duluth, MN

  734. Debra Quinn, Richfield, MN

  735. Joyce Raab-Faber, McIntosh, MN

  736. Jessica Randall Greeley, Duluth, MN

  737. Robin Raplinger, Virginia, MN

  738. Matt Raske, Ely, MN

  739. Anita Rauschenfels, Duluth, MN

  740. James Read, Avon, MN

  741. Robin Reckinger, Duluth, MN

  742. Sarah Reed, San Francisco, CA

  743. Kari Rehrauer, Coon Rapids, MN

  744. Doretta Reisenweber, Duluth, MN


  746. Jane Reyer, Minneapolis, MN

  747. Lynn Rice, Bloomington, MN

  748. Allen Richardson, Duluth, MN

  749. Janet Rignon, Duluth, MN

  750. Richard Ringerud, Princeton, NJ

  751. Earnestine Ritchie, Scottsdale, AZ

  752. Brittany Robb, Duluth, MN

  753. Nathan Robb, Duluth, MN

  754. Wendy Robertson, Brimson, MN

  755. Barry Robinson, Houston, MN

  756. Patricia Robinson, Columbia Heights, MN

  757. Scott Rockvam, Cold Spring, MN

  758. Jesse Ronning, Blaine, MN

  759. Owen Ross, Superior, WI

  760. Jessica Rossing, Duluth, MN

  761. John Roterman, Cloquet, MN

  762. Ali Rothschild, Duluth, MN

  763. Billie Rouse, Babbitt, MN

  764. Sherry Rovig, Duluth, MN

  765. Kim rowley, Duluth, MN

  766. Ashley Roy, Duluth, MN

  767. LeeDavid Roy, Duluth, MN

  768. Dee Ann Royce, Two Harbors, MN

  769. Jennifer Rubin, Golden Valley, MN

  770. Barbara Russ, Duluth, MN

  771. Yvonne Rutford, Duluth, MN

  772. Zach Ryan, Dululth, MN

  773. Colleen Ryan, Minneapolis, MN

  774. Mark Ryan, Minneapolis, MN

  775. Patricia Rysdam, Andover, MN

  776. Carl Sack, Madison, WI

  777. Julius Salinas, Esko, MN

  778. Denise Salo, Duluth, MN

  779. Nancy Sampson, Minneapolis, MN

  780. Megan Samuelson, Iowa City, IA

  781. Scott Sandberg, Mound, MN

  782. Babette Sandman, Duluth, MN

  783. Ray Sandman, Duluth, MN

  784. Judy Sausen, Duluth, MN

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  786. Andrea Sayers, Duluth, MN

  787. Lynne Scalzo, Duluth, MN

  788. Bernard Scanlan, Minneapolis, MN

  789. James Schafhauser, Duluth, MN

  790. Rose Schafhauser, Duluth, MN

  791. Jennifer Schally, Stillwater, MN

  792. Diana Schansberg, Otsego, MN

  793. Dustin Schaper, Ely, MN

  794. Tom Schaub, Duluth, MN

  795. Nellie Scheffler, Duluth, MN

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  797. John Schmidt, Duluth, MN

  798. Gail Schoenfelder, Duluth, MN

  799. Ruurd Schoolderman, Duluth, MN

  800. Samantha Schultz, Carlton, MN

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  802. Linda Schwartz, Duluth, MN

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  804. Kathryn Schwartz-Eckhardt, Andover, MN

  805. Kathy Scott, Sarasota, FL

  806. Zachary Scott-Kovacovic, Duluth, MN

  807. Judith Screaton, Stillwater, MN

  808. James Seitz, Duluth, MN

  809. Shaina Seopa, Bemidji, MN

  810. Susan Seys, Mankato, MN

  811. Angela Sharp, Duluth, MN

  812. Michelle Shaw, Minneapolis, MN

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  814. Judith Sheriff, Duluth, MN

  815. Ann Sherman, Palisade, MN

  816. Dan Shirley, Tofte, MN

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  818. Kris Simonson, Duluth, MN

  819. Mikhail Simrak, Duluth, MN

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  821. Joel Sipress, Duluth, MN

  822. Rachel Sipress, Duluth, MN

  823. Wesley Sisson, Duluth, MN

  824. Sarah Siverson, Duluth, MN

  825. Susette Skog, Eagan, MN

  826. Matthew Smith, Minneapolis, MN

  827. Elizabeth Smith, Rochester, MN

  828. Hannah Smith, St. Paul, MN

  829. Ethan Sohm, Duluth, MN

  830. Lindsey Sola, Duluth, MN

  831. Jane Soltau, Duluth, MN

  832. Douglas Soltis, Andover, MN

  833. Clifford Somers, Grand Rapids, MN

  834. Jonah Sorell, Duluth, MN

  835. Emily Sousa, Two Harbors, MN

  836. Susan Southard, Knife River, MN

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  925. Karen Weaver, Duluth, MN

  926. Shawna Weaver, Duluth, MN

  927. Monica Weber, South St Paul, MN

  928. Tonia Weber, Cotton, MN

  929. Lora Wedge, Duluth, MN

  930. Karen Weed, Ely, MN

  931. Kathryn Wegler, Austin, MN

  932. Kathryn Wegner, Duluth, MN

  933. Lisa Weispfenning, Washburn, WI

  934. Melissa Weisser, Duluth, MN

  935. Mary Weitz, Minneapolis, MN

  936. Linda Wells, Fridley, MN

  937. Carolyn Wensman, White Bear Lake, MN

  938. wayne wenz, Bird Island, MN

  939. Em Westerlund, Duluth, MN

  940. Danielle Westholm, Duluth, MN

  941. Jane Whitledge, Duluth, MN

  942. Doran Whitledge, Duluth, MN

  943. Chilay Whittington, Duluth, MN

  944. blanche wilcox, Duluth, MN

  945. Elizabeth Wilcox, Hugo, MN

  946. Robert Wildwood, Duluth, MN

  947. Gerri Williams, Duluth, MN

  948. Beth Willoughby, Elk River, MN

  949. David Winchester, Duluth, MN

  950. S Wing, Hazelhurst, WI

  951. Marlys Wisch, Two Harbors, MN

  952. Susan Wiste, Duluth, MN

  953. Lee Witt, Duluth, MN

  954. Melanie Witte, Cloquet, MN

  955. Jerry Witte, Duluth, MN

  956. Diana Witte, Duluth, MN

  957. Alex Witte, Duluth, MN

  958. Dorothy Wolden, Superior, WI

  959. Ryan Wolfram, Washburn, WI

  960. Amy Wolter, St. Cloud, MN

  961. Sheila Wonders, Superior, WI

  962. kiah wood, Duluth, MN

  963. Ryan Woodfill, Superior, WI

  964. Bruce Woodman, Duluth, MN

  965. Miles Woodruff, Two Harbors, MN

  966. Stephanie Wourms, Duluth, MN

  967. Leah Wrazidlo, South Saint Paul, MN

  968. Catherine Wright, Duluth, MN

  969. Adeline Wright, Duluth, MN

  970. Anna Yliniemi, Duluth, MN

  971. Rick Youmans, Duluth, MN

  972. Louren Yzaguirre, Superior, WI

  973. Jason Zabokrtsky, Ely, MN

  974. Matt Zak, Eveleth, MN

  975. Carl Zoretich, Superior, WI

  976. April Zumbaum, Bovey, MN

  977. Zandy Zwiebel, Duluth, MN

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When it comes to Lake Superior and proposals to conduct sulfide/copper mining upstream, we believe Duluth's voice must be heard. Duluth for Clean Water is a growing association of people and organizations seeking a safe and healthy future for Duluth, the watershed, and surrounding areas. The first permit applications related to sulfide ore/copper mining (PolyMet) are now pending in Minnesota. We believe these proposals pose an unacceptable threat to the water our people and businesses need to survive.

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